感觉训练 Sense Exercise @INDAF 2010


在韩国仁川国际数字艺术节(INDAF)的“感觉感觉”展览中,来自中国、日本和韩国的青年媒体艺术家们进行了一次集体亮相。TASML策划了展览的中国板块。整个艺术节在韩国仁川的Tomorrow City举办,从9月1日持续到9月30日,为期一个月。

YMA: China, Japan, and Korea

TASML organized the Chinese young media artists’participation in the exhibition SENSE SENSES at Incheon International Media Art Festival, which brings together and showcases (YMA) Young Media Artists from China, Japan and Korea. The Festival ran from  September 1 to September 30 2010 in Tomorrow City, Incheon, Republic of Korea.



数字技术的发展明显拓展了表达媒介的可能性。就艺术探索的层面而言,表达媒介已经参与到我们的整个感官系,同时增强了我们与外部世界的感性接触 。因此,在我们与不断延展的身体空间和媒介化的人类活动领域的关系中,感应技术及其他数字工具已经处于其核心地位。

展览中不少作品涉及多种感应系统和反馈机制并对其提出质疑,以此探讨数字媒介的重要性及其表现形式的多样性。参展的青年媒体艺术家们企图重新界定空间与时间的二重性, 重构我们的社会关系和行为模式。基于此,该展览试图通过这些具有代表性的作品,在一种被技术全面渗透的社会环境中来检验青年艺术家们的实践方法。


参加这次展览的中国艺术家来自两大艺术院校:清华大学美术学院信息艺术与设计系和中国美术学院新媒体系。他们的年龄在24至30岁之间,大多是应届毕业生、校友或者青年教师。 他们的作品充满活力和机智,想象力和感染力。

这次展览中,选自中国,日本和韩国艺术家的作品虽然在技术表现上有相似性, 但其情感和思维模式却各具独特性。这使得“感觉训练”的意义多元化──这是一种理解的差异,差异中产生多样性和可能性。


Sense Exercise

Curated by ZHANG Ga

The development of digital technologies has unequivocally expanded the horizons of technical media of expression to engage our entire sensorial faculties as sites of artistic inquiry, at the same time reinforcing our perceptual encounters with the external world with an augmented intensity. Sensing technologies along with other digitally enabled tools are therefore at the core of our relationship with the extended body space and the mediated human sphere.

Through an exemplary body of works that appropriate as well as question various types of sensing systems and feedback mechanisms and investigate the materiality of digital media and its multiple manifestations, this exhibition examines the ways in which young media artists seek to reevaluate a spatial / temporal duality and to examine the reconfiguration of our social relationships and behavioral patterns in a pervasively technological society.

These sensitive devices and systems embodied in objects and insinuated into responsive environments or experienced in ephemeral and temporal settings conjure our sensorium through haptic and physiological manipulation as seen in WU Juehui’s performative works USB Organs and Countdown. TIAN Li and ZHANG Liaoyuan’s explorations into the two sides of the digital psyche reveal psychological and perceptual intrigue. Misalignment explores media’s capacity to render parallel and evocative memories implied in surveillance-style recycling of live captured images and 0-255 strips to its barebones digital coloration by isolating and illuminating one single pixel in the RGB spectrum extracted from an entire feature length film. GUO Xi, on the contrary, imbues a Duchampian sense of irony and humor in his frantic rhyme of electronic tap dance (I Would Like To Satisfy Your Foot Fetishism In Such A Way, Even) while LU Yang plunges our senses into an uneasiness that is both visceral and concealed by transcribing a hair-raising neuronal operation equipped with fantastical machinery into harmless two-dimensional printouts, suggesting as well as erasing the technological cruelty. SHI Chuan invites us to venture into the many possibilities of digital hallucination, twisting our tactile and perceptive faculties. Finally, in Breathing Series, WANG Yuyang sets out to make alive the inorganic with puffed hopes and measured inhaling, a desire that has long been man’s fantasy that seems to have claimed legitimacy as our senses expand and as advancement of technology consistently reshuffles our understanding of reality and our relationship with the physical and the fantastical.

The Chinese component of this exhibition features works by artists between the ages of 24 and 30, most of whom are recent graduates, alumni and young faculty members from two media art programs in China: the Information Art and Design of the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University and the New Media Art Department of China Academy of Art. The works are fresh and ample with wit and intellect, imaginative and inspiring.

Although seemingly unanimously congenial in their technological appearances, the works in this exhibition, selected from artists in China, Japan and Korea, unveil their distinct sensibilities and modes of thinking, making the “sense exercise” simultaneously many senses, a way to understand differences, and in differences there are multiplicities and possibilities.

Link: http://tasml.parsons.edu/?page_id=195

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